Application and decision-making of our projects

Project decision

Making a decision about which project to treat your hair and skin with depends on your sense of wellbeing, personality, character. Every „I’M RESOURCE INSTITUT“ project has its own distinctive character that has an impact on holistic people / animals. Of course, this changes daily, so in certain situations it is necessary to use projects with different properties. The sympathy between you and the „I’M RESOURCE INSTITUT“ project can influence the consistency, smell and color of the project.

First application

For the first application, we recommend the Christall project or the Mate, which have the special feature of removing dirt from the body as much as possible, whether through heavy metal exposure, microplastics or all kinds of environmental influences that have deposited on the hair and skin and in the body. We call this “deep cleansing” (detox for your hair and skin) under certain circumstances this deep cleansing can mean washing up to 10 times. The best help is to be treated by our hairdresser or cosmetics member. This deep cleansing is necessary in order to feel all further projects of an effect and healing. Depending on your physical condition and stress, deep cleansing can also be done more often a year. For daily use, we recommend changing projects more often and not just sticking to one cleaning product.

Exposure time

We recommend 3 to 5 minutes for the treatment and the exposure time. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water, this process should be repeated. In certain exceptions, in case of poor physical condition or treatments, this process must be used several times.

There are 9 different hair and skin cleansers

With the projects Christ-All, Metrie, Ma, Mate, Theos, Geo, Silvius, Olive and Vino, hair, skin, scalp and the body can be used on a daily basis. The structure of the hair and skin is renewed and improved and the flora is kept in good condition. In order to make the right decision, each character of the product is crucial.


To clean the hair or body, an average of one 5-cent piece is enough. Depending on the hair length, up to five times this may be required in exceptional cases. We recommend that you dilute the amount of the product in a ratio of 1:10 with water in an applicator or a bottle. You can apply the diluted mixture to damp, wet hair and on the body. Please note that plastic bottles are only suitable to a limited extent and should not be used for longer storage.

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