Applying the hair and skin care project

Project hair and skin care

With the projects 53 Total Proof, 57 Total Reconstructure, 63 Total System and 56 Total Kombucha, daily use of hair, skin, scalp and the body. With the treatment of the intensive series you will achieve the greatest form of skin and hair care. The Total Proof, Total Reconstructure, Total System and Total Kombucha projects can renew the hair and skin structure and repair damaged hair. Without leaving oils, polymers or silicones on the surface. After each treatment, the hair feels like the origin of a hair should be: stable, firm, durable and silky. The actual function of the intensive series is so extensive that a daily application can achieve remarkable, surprising effects in personality, character and well-being. You can use the intensive series every day.


The amount depends on the absorption of the hair. It can vary from the amount corresponding to a 5 cent piece to the amount corresponding to a 2 euro piece. It is important to use only as much as the hair can absorb without leaving a layer. Our recommendation: start with the amount of a 5-cent piece. There is no need to rinse the products. Excessive amounts should be rinsed out partially or completely. An exposure time is not specified because its micromolecular shape directly enters the hair or. Penetrates the skin layer and treats the structure from the inside.

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