Application of the hair styling, skin and oral care projects

Hair styling project With the projects LD3, LD6, D8 and D10, hair and skin are used daily. By treating the Science System projects, you will achieve the greatest form of skin and hair care, a special kind of firmness, ease of styling and suppleness, without sticking the hair together. Meaning: D = draft = concept […]

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Research and support

Dear, supported our association I’m Resource Institute, the experience reports summarized here are only for information, they are no substitute for medical expertise, diagnoses, no healing statements are made in these treatises. I’m Resource Institute only clarifies what is based on field reports and practical experience. The research The specialty of our “living” projects lies

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Application and decision-making of our projects

Project decision Making a decision about which project to treat your hair and skin with depends on your sense of wellbeing, personality, character. Every „I’M RESOURCE INSTITUT“ project has its own distinctive character that has an impact on holistic people / animals. Of course, this changes daily, so in certain situations it is necessary to

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Durch die Nutzung der Projekte, die sich mit Mikroorganismen beschäftigen, kannst du nicht nur deine Gesundheit fördern, sondern gleichzeitig auch die Umwelt unterstützen.