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With Christ-All, Metry, Ma, Mate, Theos, Geo and Silvius, we have developed products that are suitable for hair, scalp and body for use on a daily basis. Thereby, the structure of the hair and skin is renewed, improved and the flora is kept in prime condition. In order to correctly choose one of these products, each character of the individual product is crucial. You will find further information on our website or in our brochure. To clean hair or body, an amount corresponding to the size of a 5 cent piece is sufficient. Depending on hair length or in exceptional cases you may require up to five times this amount. We recommend you dilute the amount of the product in a ratio of 1:10 in an applicator or a bottle with water. Please note that plastic bottles are only partly suitable and should not be used for longer storage periods. Apply the diluted mixture to the wet hair and body.


For the treatment we recommend 3 to 5 minutes of exposure. After that, rinse it repeatedly and thoroughly with clean water. In certain cases, where we see poor physical condition or as part of a specific treatment, this process needs to be repeated.



By an overall treatment with the intensive series you can achieve the greatest skin form and hair care. The Total Proof, Total Reconstructure, Total System and Total Kombucha products can renew your hair and skin structure, repair damaged hair without leaving oils, polymers or silicones on the actual surface of the hair.
After each treatment, the hair senses how original hair should be: stable, solid, durable and silky. The actual function of the intensive series is so wide-reaching that with daily use, surprising effects on your personality, character and well-being will be noticeable. You can apply the intensive series on a daily basis or just once a year. Remember that this series takes the longest to mture (up to 4 years) and their »vitality« is very ample.


The quantity depends on the condition and absorbance capacity of the hair. The required quantity can vary from the size of a 5 cent piece up to the size of a 2 euro coin. It is important to use only as much as the hair can actually absorb without the product leaving visible residue behind. Our recommendation: Start with the smallest recommended quantity (5 cent piece size). Rinsing out of the products is not required if used correctly. In case of using too large a quantity, the hair should be partially or even completely be rinsed out. A reaction time is not set in stone because its micromolecular form penetrates directly into the hair or skin layer and treats the structure from the inside out.



An exceptional fermentation process has enabled us to produce products for a special kind of resistance, eagorness to be dressed nup and sleak, without hair being sticky or appearing greasy.


D = draft = Concept
LD = lop-draft = hanging concept Classification scale from 0 – 10 (0 = weak, 10 = strong)
The product LD3 with its shea butter ferment is very effective for hair. It can be used on both wet and dry hair to improve the desire to be dressed up and to model the hair.
With the LD6 gel, which contains a rice and mussel threads fermentation, you can attain a perfect reinforcement in any kind of blow-dry. Apply it on wet or dry hair.
With D8, a liquid of a rice and mussel threads fermentation, you achieve maximum protection against heat, even higher than 200°C. It protects the hair when blow-drying,without damaging or making the hair sticky. Apply it on wet or dry hair.
With D10, a liquid that is extracted from rice, mussel threads fermentation and honey, you achieve fortification without making the hair sticky. You can easily slide your fingers through the sleek hair and brush through it easily.


Effect System: the arising energy principle

The common element, harmonyn with the environment. Perception, visualisation, perception of the senses, recognising the sense of life. A connection to sutilty. Feeling the passion.
These special products of the “Effect System”-Series have an extremely build up effect, regenerates, feeds and protects thanks to its rich nutrients, minerals, trace elements, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, etc. It compensates for its own pH and creates a healthy microbes milieu. It gives a healthy and vital appearance and a pleasant feeling. Furthermore it very strongly encourages healing and rejuvenation.
Even a small quantity of natural raw material leads to wonderful results.

Primus & Octavus should always be applied together as a couple for a maximum period of up to 10 days. Afterwards we recommend an application period of at least 7 days.
You can apply Zajdii as a special welbeing application with exceptionally liberating effects whenever you want to.
All-Donna is suitable for daily use on your entire skin, gives you maximum femininity and awakens all your emotional senses.
BG, the daily elixir for moisture control renews the cells at once and is suitable for your entire skin and also your hair (hair lengths and ends).
Avathaar, the all-round spray for daily (multiple) application brings refreshment onto your head and addresses all life processes.
Tooth Cream and Tooth Cream Mentha are intended for multiple daily uses and create a wonderful fresh breath and healthy oral flora.
We recommend the Proof System Cream and the PI System Cream for daily use on the face and the entire body.

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