On the following pages we are going to tell you about our purely biological care products and make suggestions of how you can use the different natural, organic and renewable raw materials. Additionally, we will explain to you in detail the method of action of our “ natural living products”, and whose ingredients are produced exclusively from vegetal resources, different microorganisms, enzymes, minerals and hair keratins and proteins arising from our fermentation process.

»I’m Resource Institut« for modern prganic people:

We have created this impressive series in order to lead the hairdresser and natural health practitioner right back to their true origins. It is all about the use of an organic product for both the hair and the skin and via this to underline the intrinsic values of a person’s character. Also to create create positive emotions and a deep sense of wellbeing. It is important for us to lend support to the personal evolution of any individual with true organic, living products. This then enables us to apply simple applications to the skin and hair. With our holistic approach you can discover another essential point – the integrity of the family. To achieve symbiosis with others who are part of our identity has a great positive impact on our own happiness. We would like to help to restore this unique connection, so that everyone can experience the satisfaction via cooperation. Ultimately, it’s all about love – about love towards other people, other beings and nature. Love is what gives us happiness. »I’m Resource« is currently the most advanced natural care process that can indeed meet such requirements. This care product line represents today´s perception and evolution of life in a healthy fashion, to sustain or shape them. The overall ingredients and the true ingredients of our natural products are as old as the Earth itself. The overall development of our planet is based on its own whole – it is formed in this manner and common sense is created.

We are delighted to be able to share our »I’m Resource Institut« products with you

We think that today’s professional demands on every human being deserves only first-class, useful products. Therefore, we have adapted the design in a way that a combination of philosophy of life, life success, life itself and the product is effortlessly possible. Our practical experience demonstrates not only the true impact and influence of our products on the body, but also at a mind level.

It has been proven by scientific studies that the life forms (microorganisms) in our products have a strong influence on human wellbeing.

Thus, it is not surprising that »I’m Resource« is the leading natural product of both the now and the future.