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Welcome to the world of microorganisms

The institute currently has more than 30 different care symbioses, which have arisen through fermentation with over 300 different microorganisms. Find out in our brochure which projects we have and which care symbiosis suits you.

Microorganisms and their effect on you

The microorganisms do not act specifically on a specific part of the body, but have a positive effect on the entire organism by stabilizing the metabolism and detoxification. To many people it is shown in an increase in the body’s own resistance to the pollution and environmental pollution storming on us from many sides, a revitalization of the damaged cell metabolism and a restoration and strengthening of well-being.

Our projects

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Surfactants produced by fermentation

Thanks to this special fermentation process, I’m Resource Institute does not need any chemical or artificial additives, and we do not use any sugar surfactants or other sulfates for our research. In addition, no substance is used that is chemically cleaved or obtained by other common chemical processes. All personal care projects are made from 100% natural materials. To find out more about our research and fermentation visit our homepage.

Your support is important to us

Every single club cleaning project is able to support our planet in regeneration. The quality and composition of each individual project helps to improve and preserve our earth for future generations. In the institute in Slovenia this knowledge becomes an inspiration.

Become a member and use this inspiration as a hairdresser – therapist – naturopath or similar professions to attract more members.


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