Application of the hair styling, skin and oral care projects

Hair styling project

With the projects LD3, LD6, D8 and D10, hair and skin are used daily. By treating the Science System projects, you will achieve the greatest form of skin and hair care, a special kind of firmness, ease of styling and suppleness, without sticking the hair together. Meaning: D = draft = concept LD = lop-draft = hanging concept Scale from 0-10, (0 = weak, 10 = strong)


The amount depends on the absorption of the hair. It can vary from the amount corresponding to a 5 cent piece to the amount corresponding to a 2 euro piece. Start with the amount of a 5-cent piece and knead the gel mass into wet or dry hair. You spray projects D8 and D10 on wet or dry hair.

Project skin and oral care

With the projects Proof System Cream, Pi System Cream, Tooth Cream / Mentha Tooth Powder Avathaar, BG, All Donna, Zajdii, Primus & Octavus, Helophill Mask is for the application of the skin, mouth area, scalp and the body. Support the natural flora and strengthen the immune system. Applicable for all skin types.

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