Microorganisms and their disinfecting effect

Especially nowadays it is of great importance to remove or neutralize unwanted germs and bacteria.

Lots of disinfectants are available for this.
Many microorganisms live on our skin. These are responsible for a healthy skin flora. If foreign pathogens settle on our skin, it is viewed and attacked as an intruder in a foreign territory. In this respect, the skin flora is already a good protective mechanism.

The aim is to maintain this protective mechanism and not to impair it with disinfectants.

It is important to know that bacteria that come into contact with various disinfectants can develop resistance. It is also possible that bacterial strains form that have become insensitive to disinfection. In principle, keeping bacteria away from healthy people does not make sense. That means: if we are too clean, the immune system is weakened and is directed against harmless or even endogenous substances. Due to the protective measures currently required, many of these disinfectants are already in use.

However, we do not want to address the impact and influence on the environment here. Here we leave everyone to independently control the ingredients, effects and environmental compatibility of the agents used.

A disinfection that is compatible with humans, animals and the environment would be healthy body care for you as a member from our research project; Theos, Avathaar and Pi 99.

These microorganisms belong to the lactic acid cultures. Fungi and yeast enzymes are responsible for preventing pathogens from settling on healthy skin. A healthy skin flora is created and the epidermis is strengthened. The immune system is thus stimulated.

The Theos project is ideal for washing hands and body more often.

With the Avathaar A8 project, the protective acid mantle of the skin is built up and, thanks to its pH value 6.3, fends off viruses. You cannot survive in this acidic environment. In addition, Avathaar has the property of increasing the oxygen content to a hundredfold, which takes away the habitat of the pathogenesis germs.

The Pi 99 project strengthens the skin flora and forms a kind of second skin layer.

Due to the antibiotic effect, all pathogens (unhelpful) germs disappear.

! Please note !

When we talk about antibiotic effects or substances, we mean the natural protective mantle of each plant for its own protection. However, this has nothing to do with antibiotic.

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