No harm to the environment

Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness is the most important thing for us. A treatment with „I’m Resource Institute“ – projects for hair and skin not only helps the user, but also helps the environment to clean itself and to free it from polluting, environmentally harmful substances. With a bottle (150-100ml) you relieve the addition of chemical substances in a sewage treatment plant. All seas, lakes, rivers, the air and people are supported and relieved from microplastics.

Recycle the empty bottles

Glass can be melted down any number of times and made into new glass. On average, 60 percent of the glass packaging can be returned to the cycle. That’s why we ask you when you recycle our Weise Opal glasses to pay attention to the closure and, if possible, to dispose of the label and copper ring in the yellow bin, so that our glasses can be melted well and without worry.

The copper ring on our bottles

Our projects have medical copper on the outside and inside. Research into copper and microorganisms has shown that microorganisms create magnetic fields that are reinforced by the copper and thus better combine with your own vibrations.

Recycle the labels

The upper material and the adhesive are biodegradable, compostable. The white or transparent upper material of the compostable labels consists of cellulose (wood pulp) from controlled plantings. For the reasons, in connection with water, the label on the hands can be kept clear.

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